We understand that operating with people you’ll trust is important for your business success. Before you create a hiring call, provide an oversized Promotion, or a dealer relationship, you would like the facts. Crime check is NAPBS commissioned which means you’ll trust our accuracy!

Prices vary based mostly upon services, packages, and volume of employment background checks. Please contact 1-877-99CHECK to discuss your specific desires, and a client support representative is going to be happy to help you with evaluation.

We can customize any of our background check services.  The pre-employment check packages below are our most well liked.  Please fill out our free quote kind, costs vary supported volume.

Criminal Check Basic

  1. Social Security variety Trace
  2. Sex Offender written account (National)
  3. National Criminal info

Criminal Check Basic plus

  1. Social Security variety Trace
  2. County Criminal Background Check
  3. Sex Offender written account (National)
  4. National Criminal info

Criminal Check Comprehensive

A thorough, easy-to-use criminal background check for employment that’s applicable for all hourly and entry level workers. Criminal check can conduct our trade normal Trace/FM. A Social Security trace is used to spot AN applicant’s doable residential history for an amount of seven years.

We then check every County and town wherever the human has resided for Felonies and infraction convictions. A Nationwide Sexual bad person search is included!

  1. Social Security variety Trace
  2. County Criminal Check
  3. Sex Offender written account (National)
  4. National Criminal info
  5. Federal Criminal Check

Criminal Check Comprehensive + Driving Record

Appropriate for workers United Nations agency drive as a part of their job responsibilities, also as people United Nations agency travel and work severally. A driving record verification could reveal data that some courts don’t classify as criminal, like alcohol-related offenses.

  1. Social Security range Trace
  2. County Criminal Check
  3. Sex Offender register (National)
  4. National Criminal information
  5. Motor Vehicle Report
  6. Federal Criminal Check

Our Pre-Employment Screening Employment Background Check Services

Our employment background services fall under 3 main categories:

  1. Pre & Post Employment Screening
  2. due Diligence Screening
  3. Marketer and Contractor Screening

Criminal, information & Reference Background Checks for Employment

Within these areas, we provide a large vary of check solutions to shield your complete. We’ll going to} additionally assist you make sure you are hiring the proper individuals for the job!

Criminal Background Checks for Employment

  1. Misdemeanors
  2. Felonies
  3. Federal Offenses

Data Checks

  1. Social Security Traces
  2. Automobile Reports
  3. Pre-Employment Credit Reports

Reference Checks

  1. Employment Verification
  2. Academic Verification
  3. Personal Reference Check
  4. Skilled Reference Check

Additional Services

  1. Assessment Testing
  2. Drug Screening Service & Drug Testing
  3. Skilled License Verification
  4. Civil proceeding Check
  5. Office of Inspector General Denied Parties List
  6. Business and Property possession
  7. Consulting Services
  8. Social Media Background Checks
  9. Notary public Background Checks

Social Security variety Trace

At client’s request, Criminal check can conduct a “Social Security variety Trace.” A “Social Security variety Trace” is an indoor tool utilized by Criminal check. We tend to hunt down names and addresses related to a specific social insurance variety. Extra information points generated through a “Social Security variety Trace” will facilitate Criminal check give our shoppers a lot of comprehensive background check report.

Driving Records

At client’s request, Criminal check can offer obtainable driving record info concerning a private, such as:

  1. Driver’s category of license
  2. Issue/expiration date
  3. Violation or citation history
  4. Accident history, suspensions
  5. License restrictions
  6. Current standing of the driver’s license.

Criminal check can seek for driving record info exploitation the driver’s identification number and state. This can be are going to be provided by the shopper or person. See hooked up extra state fee schedule.

United States Department of Justice National convict Search

At client’s request, Criminal check can search the U. S. Department of Justice National convict info.  This contains convict records from all fifty states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. All search results are going to be verified by visiting the providing jurisdiction’s public written record web site.

County criminal record list Search

At client’s request, Criminal check can perform a county level list check. Criminal check can search or conviction info and open cases in any county known by the social insurance Trace. We’ll additionally determine the topic to the background check as a county of residence.

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