Chrome’s Huge 10th Birthday Redesign: Here Are the Best Features

September 1 update: This story has been hit by Chromebooks and has been updated according to Chrome 69.

Today, for the 10th birthday of Chrome, Google has provided a new ton to its rewarded web browser, aimed at speeding up browsing.

Other new methods (now available) in the browser update include a new password manager, a strong Ombudsman search bar and a better autofel of web forms.

Version 69 is now available from updating, this new version of Chrome changes to the users of today’s fastest, which was not a decade ago.

How To Get Chrome 69
On the desktop, click on the 3 dot icon on the right right of your Chrome window, select Settings, click the menu bar and click Chrome. There, you should see the option to update.

On the mobile, open the iOS App Store or the Google Play store to update the app.

On a Chromebook, tap the Profile icon in the lower right corner, tap the Settings gear, tap the menu bar, tap Chrome OS and check out the latest information.

Chrome’s new look
Using the new version of Chrome, your first first thing is its latest design, which reflects the company’s design design principles. In a press release, Google EliPowers and Chris Beckhman noted that the new look “more round shapes, new icons and a new color palette”, which is more bright and fast than ever. Outside the dark mode there is no black mood.

If you open tonn tons at all times, you know that it is better to use chrome in every web icons (or folders) every tab. The Chrome interface does not interfere with each other, making each tab very easy to carry out.

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The new converted Chrome Chrome will be viewed in its version on desktop, android and iOS. Later, you will find that Google has moved this toolbar at the bottom of the screen, so your thumbs will not have to be reached yet to tap Navigation orders.

Customers seeking this new look have been able to test Chrome using Chrome’s public beta version using Chrome Canary.

New and Better Password Manager
A decade ago, people were not aware of the database leaks, which are keeping your username and password on the auction block on the edge of web seeds. Chrome always had a password manager, but this new version will be a more active, created password for you – to remove users from recycling their passwords. In addition, the browser will create complex, unique passwords, so you are not always easy to use characters to guess the characters of the characters, such as passw0rd123.

Once a password is created, Chrome will save you both in your browser and Google Account. Unfortunately, it goes against our favorite preference, although Google encrypts password, because storage in browsers stores a treasure towers for malicious data. There is a risk history in password managers built in web browsers including Chrome. Plus, storing these passwords in your Google Account means they’ll be available in Chrome on both your laptops and phones.

I did not see the new password manager nor the ability to better suggest better passwords – built in Canary, which is already at version 71.

A Better Search Bar
Google refers to the URLs and search bar at the top of the Chrome window as Ostobox, and its name is as much as possible in this newer version. If you try to find them, you will not reply to autonomous questions and shows before it is implemented, but you will also open the tab.

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