Bike Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your Open Cycles in the Best Shape

Bike Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your Open Cycles in the Best Shape

Some people are super lazy when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of Open Cycles or cycles of any other maker. When they see many others getting back to bikes, they just follow them. They don’t even check Open Cycles up review before buying a bike. They buy a new bike because many others are buying.

However, if you are not one of those, you must want to keep your bike in the best shape around the year. If you want to ride your bike for years to come, you must recognize the importance of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual bike maintenance. So, we bring you a complete bike maintenance checklist. You will also learn about the items you need and the frequency of bike maintenance. Whether you are a commuter or you are a recreational or club cyclist, this checklist will help you in creating the best bike maintenance schedule.

The frequency of maintenance greatly depends on the use of the bike and the kind of terrain. For example, if you often ride in mud and rain, you need to clean your bike every day. Otherwise, the mud accumulated on the bike will lead to rusty chain and other metal parts of the bike. On the other hand, you need a relaxed maintenance schedule if you ride relatively little. Here are maintenance tips for those who want to keep their bikes in optimal conditions.

Before a ride

  • Check air pressure of tires.
  • Check cables and brakes.
  • Make sure that the crank set is tight.
  • Make sure that quick release hubs are tight.

After a Ride

  • Check both tires for gravel shards, glass and cuts on sidewall and tread.
  • Check wheels

Weekly maintenance

  • Clean all the mechanical parts of your bike. Lubricate the chain with dry lube. Do this every week or every 200 miles.

Monthly maintenance

  • Completely clean your bike.
  • Inspect freewheel and chain for any damage. Check the chain for tight links and wear. Replace the chain if you find it necessary.
  • Inspect and lubricate all cables, derailleurs and brake levers.
  • Check pedals for damage and lubricate SPD style cleats.
  • Inspect tires for wear and replace if needed.
  • Inspect for looseness in handlebar binder bolt, stem binder bolt, seatpost binder bolt, crank bolts, seat fixing bolts, derailleur mounting bolts, chainring bolts, rack mounting bolts, bottle cage bolts, brake and shifter level mounting bolts, brake and derailleur anchors, and brake mounting bolts.

Quarterly maintenance

  • Look for paint cracks on the frame and fork. Inspect your bike bulges indicating some sort of damage to the frame or fork. Pay attention to all frame joints.
  • Inspect seat post, seat rails, chainrings, handlebars, brake calipers, crankarms and brake levers for any visible damage.

Half yearly maintenance

  • Inspect bearings in hubs, headset, bottom bracket and pedals. Readjust or replace bearings if required.

Annual maintenance

  • Replace all the bearings if required. Remove and replace shift and brake cables. Do this after every 6000 miles. Overhaul your cycle more often if you ride in the rain or mountains.
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