Applications can be of great help in our daily busy life. Whether you are looking up for recipes, workout guides, styling tips, editing photos, taking notes or planning schedules applications can be your savior. But with Playstore bustling with a large number of applications, it becomes difficult to find the best ones even from the editorial choices. Therefore we have prepared the list of the most beneficial and must-have Android applications to make your life smooth and easy.

  1. App Tiles

App Tiles a free Android application that allows you to manage a large number of already downloaded apps. It lets you create shortcuts for applications on your notification screen or home screen so that you don’t have to exit them time and again to gain access to the apps. App Tiles is for people who use a large number of applications in day to day life.

  1. Photo Watermark

Photo Watermark lets you add watermark to your photos and images. It has a variety of watermark options that can be in the form of custom text ( size, font, color) or even in the form of signature. In addition, you can also use a timestamp, sticker, location, mosaic effect or graffiti for your photos. This application is for free but displays lots of advertisements. To eliminate ads you will have to buy a monthly subscription of $0.99.

  1. StoryZ Photo Motion And Cinemagraph

This particular photo editing application has two parts. One is ‘Ripple’ mode that allows you to add flow or movement to static images by drawing and directing the motion that you want to apply. Second is ‘Motion’ mode that allows you to blend photos with videos that results in partially static and partially in motion images’.

  1. Kinemaster
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Kinemaster is already popular as one of the best video editor application for Android. It lets you insert visual and audio effects to clips, along with stickers, text, overlays, etc. With this app, you can trim and alter videos, adjust speed, add transition and motion effects and lot of other stuff. You can use this app free if you don’t mind Kinemaster’s watermark on your videos. IF you want to use videos without watermarks for commercial purposes and utilize additional tools then you may have to pay a monthly subscription of $3.70 each month.

  1. Houzz

If you are an interior designer or looking for inspiration to decorate or refurbish your home then this application is for you. This app has various sections with an enormous database of more than 16 million images to give you inspiration and décor ideas. Additionally, these photos can be filtered according to your rooms, taste, style, and theme. Houzz also allows you to shop products and materials from app and aids you with a special tool that utilizes augmented reality to give you an idea about how a particular product or upholstery would look in your home. Apart from these there are various articles and videos on remodeling and decorating your home and the entire community through which you can hire professionals for getting your work done.

  1. Writer Tools

Writer Tools makes the strenuous and daunting task of any writer simple and easy by letting them create locations and characters. These particular sections store all the important notes and make them readily accessible to the writer. It has built-in thesaurus which aids in jotting down ideas, descriptions, notes, and create different timelines while setting writing goals. It also provides cloud storage for your data with a reduced risk of losing your work. This all tools are for free but come along with ads that can be avoided by paying a monthly fee of $4.99.

  1. OfficeSuite
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If you work in an organization then this is one of the best apps for creating documents, presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc on go. It lets you start from square one or provides templates as a starting point. You can save documents on cloud or share them, access two different docs with aid of split screen, cast presentations on multiple devices and much more.

Final Conclusion

No doubt apps have made our lives smooth and bearable, but while downloading them you need to be careful as they can carry malware or viruses that can infect your device. For securing your phone from such malware download applications like QuickHeal before installing other apps.

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