A Guide to Creating Childproof Packaging That Your Clients Will Love

The cannabis industry is on an expansion path. This follows the continued legalization of cannabis products across the US states and some nations in the world. Like any other industry, cannabis manufacturers and other stakeholders must adhere to certain rules and regulations. For instance, cannabis product manufacturers must abide by federal child safety stipulations such as the use of child-resistant packaging, which are hard for children to open but easy for adults to access.

But meeting the federal requirements does not translate to compromising on your brand image and the appeal of your packaging. Here are tips that will help you create appealing a child-resistant packaging while complying with the federal requirements.

  1. Learn Federal Regulations

First and foremost, you need to be on the safe side of the law when operating a cannabis-related business. You need to understand and apply rules governing child-resistant packaging.

According to the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, childproof packaging should have a detailed label, resealable feature, be opaque, and make the product unappealing to children. It is also a statutory requirement for the packaging to undergo satisfactory tests before use. While looking at the regulations, bringing out a perfect balance between creating appealing products and meeting government stipulations may seem challenging, but it is ultimately possible.

  1. Try Different Structural Designs

The fact that childproof packaging should be opaque and resealable does not limit you from getting creative with the structural designs. Although triangular and cuboidal cartons are the common standards today, there is an opportunity to try out other designs that will differentiate your product from the rest. For instance, you can make cartons with built-in trays. Whatever design you come up with, be sure to ask for reviews before releasing them to the market.

  1. Take Advantage Of The Power Of Colors
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Presently, there are no restrictions for child-resistant packaging colors, so colors can be one of the best ways to express your brand uniquely. You need to choose a unique and attractive color palette while observing the branding requirements. Keep in mind that consistent and appealing colors make your brand recognizable and memorable and set you apart from your competitors.

  1. Reinvent Customer’s Experience With Your Package

You ought to create a memorable and fun experience if you are looking to appeal to your clients with your childproof packaging. Since you want your customers to have fun when interacting with your product, take your time to reinvent the process of opening it. Try out creative and interactive methods such as tear-away, reveal flaps, and more.

  1. Pay Attention To The Print And Finish

Several manufacturers tend to overlook the power of print and finishes. They forget that exterior impressions can hugely influence customer’s preference for a particular product over another.

Pay some attention to your packaging finishing and print to take your packaging to the next level of appeal. You will require some artistic aspects such as debossing and embossing. Embossing is the creation of raised textural components and images, while with debossing, you incorporate sunken imprints.

Find and implement other finishing techniques to bring out a variety of effects that make your childproof packaging stand out in the crowd of other options.


There is no limit to the extent you can go to make appealing child-resistant packages, provided you adhere to the federal regulations governing their manufacture. Reinvent your packaging’s colors, print and finishing effects, opening experience as well as its structural design to communicate your brand into the hearts and memories of your clients.

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