A Concise Guide to become a Content Writer

A Concise Guide to become a Content Writer

So, you have an enviable knowledge of English and you are all set on your way to venture into the uncertain domain of Content Writing. The good news is that in this era of exponentially growing Digital sector, there is a vast scope for people pursuing Content Writing. The better-quality content it is, the better chances of it translating into better revenues through higher ranking on Search Engine Result Pages and better revenues. No matter, which genre of content writing you opt for, there are 5 basic steps which shall hold you in good stead:

#1. Get your basics right: A fundamental, sound knowledge of the medium and language you are using is pre-requisite in this profession. It is important to get the grammar and nuances of the language correct. Reading and constant update of knowledge is an important aspect of staying ahead the game. Knowledge of new tools and SEOs will give you the much edge over others in the trade.

  • Proof-reading or editing your articles also become integral in this respect.

#2. Ideation: The process of presenting ideas in an innovative manner and finding the right perspective and title for the content is the key to successful content creation. It involves an in-depth understanding of the target audience, optimum use of keywords and thorough know-how of the digital trends.

  • The title/ heading is your bait, use it wisely.

#3.Develop a Distinctive Style: In order to stand out amidst this clamour of voices on net, you need to develop a singular style which is authentically yours and not inspired or emulated randomly. Using unconventional approaches to deal with a hackneyed topic will engage your audience with its unique outlook and make the article appealing.

  • Graphics, visuals, case studies, infographics also lend it originality.

#4. Mastering the Tools: Successful Content Writing requires you to have a solid grasp over Search Engine Optimization tools, which will help you rank higher, based on keywords of preferences.

  • Linking up with tags and the rudimental understanding of WordPress, HTML and CSS will give your writing a much required impetus.

#5. Resonating with the audience: No writing is worth its grain if it does not gain viewership. It is important to match your content with the target audience expectation and objective of the brand or company you are writing for. Make use of the analytics to understand how the content performs on a digital platform which will translate to better viewership and higher ratings.

  • A sound knowledge of Social Media Marketing and its trends and bookmarking will equip you with better chances of going viral on the digital platform.

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