9 Things You Should Always Keep In Your Car

No matter if you're for your daily commute or are planning to take a trip that is longer There are a few items you must always have in your car in

No matter if you’re for your daily commute or are planning to take a trip that is longer There are a few items you must always have in your car in the event that things don’t take place as planned. In this article we’ll tell you the top 9 items we’d never recommend driving without.


It is a fact that breakdowns often occur at the most inconvenient time, and often it happens in the evening when visibility is difficult. In the event of a breakdown it is essential to have a torch. It can be an essential tool to enable you to gain an idea of what’s transpired or where the issue is. Even during daylight hours it can be useful in enhancing visibility in difficult-to-access locations.

A head torch is probably the most effective option since it will allow you to use your hands to examine any issues that may arise that you may encounter with your vehicle, though it might not make a huge difference to your street cred.

First Aid Kit

Numerous minor accidents can happen within the vehicle, which will require you to carry a small first aid kit that is well-equipped.

The idea of having an emergency kit for first-aid is essential for those who enjoy getting out and about with your family. If something goes wrong during your excursions, you’ll be able to return to your car with the confidence that you are able to manage a variety of minor injuries.

Windscreen Washer Fluid

A lack of windshield washer fluid could make it difficult to look through your windshield. But did you realize that an unclean windscreen could get you in trouble if the police declared you to be recklessly driving.

A lot of modern vehicles have a warning light on the dashboard that will flash when the fluid in the windscreen washer is running in the low range. But for those who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to use this useful reminder that you have spare washer fluid in the vehicle will help you avoid getting in the middle.

It is important to keep in mind that in adverse weather conditions you may use a significant quantity of washing fluid within a relatively short period of time.


Hazard Triangle

An alert triangle is essential when traveling as it will ensure that you’re apparent to traffic coming your way in the situation of a crash. If you’re driving in another country It is important to remember that in certain European countries, it’s mandatory to wear an alert triangle.

In order to be efficient in slowing the speed of traffic coming towards you to a minimum, you must create a hazard circle around 45m from your vehicle to ensure that the traffic in front is able to react.

Don’t forget to utilize a warning triangle when you break down on a motorway. This is because the placement of the triangle could expose you to danger from oncoming vehicles that are speeding. Furthermore the warning triangle could be more prone to blow into roads, and can expose other motorists to danger.

Road Map

Although a map might seem outdated to many motorists , maps can be invaluable when you are unable to get GPS reception and aren’t sure of the location of your current location. But there’s a caveat that you should have the basics of map reading, otherwise you’re not likely to provide much assistance.

Spare Bulbs/Fuses

Although a handful of vehicles have complex headlights that are only able to be changed in garages however, the majority of automobile headlights are easy to replace and can be performed by anyone, almost everywhere.

A spare set of fuses and bulbs in your vehicle ensures that you’ll be able to replace them and continue to travel without compromising your visibility.

The carrying of spare bulbs is a requirement of law in a few European countries (for instance France) So should you be planning to travel in another country, it’s an excellent idea to establish a practice of carrying them in general.

Sealed Water

A lot of people keep water in their vehicles because it is useful in a variety of ways i.e. is useful to cool your car down and/or if the windscreen washer fluid gets depleted or to drink. But, if you’re intending to drink water from the bottle, it is recommended to keep a sealed bottle of water in your car in your vehicle, and if you accidentally open the bottle, it is recommended to replace it.

Essential Contact Details

In the present, only a few have access to a printed version of our most essential documents for cars, such as car insurance or breakdown cover documents. The majority of the time it’s not a problem because we can access our email through our smartphones, however, the breakdown could occur in an isolated location and you could find you don’t have an internet connection. Make a note of your policy number as well as the important numbers of your phone and keep them in your car in case.

Warm or blanket clothing

It’s recommended to keep an extra blanket or warm garment inside your car in the event of a crash or breakdown. In the event of either and you are in a position of waiting for a long time until help arrives. In these instances, wearing blankets or clothing that are warm will help keep you warm even if it’s cold outside.

Your nine essentials

There you go nine items we believe you should not travel without. Did we miss some of your essentials for car travel? Contact us through Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t forget that here on Car Accessories we stock an array of accessories ranging from everyday necessities to a variety. So whatever you’re looking for, we’ll find something that will meet your needs.